Liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders speed dating events in dallas texas

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Liquidating distribution to c corp shareholders

One final thought - In 1939 the highest income tax rate was 79% for individuals and 38% for corporations.In 1944 the highest income tax rate for individuals was at an all-time high of 94%.

So for those of you who think income taxes are high today, think again.If the amount the investor receives is less than their original cost basis invested in the stock, the investor may report a capital loss which reduces their tax bill. This loss can only be reported once the firm issues a final cash liquidation distribution. Floyd Sanford began his public accounting career with Ernst and Ernst in Indianapolis and moved to Fort Wayne in 1927. The firm was known as Sanford, Myers and De Wald until 1972.

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A cash liquidation distribution, also known as a liquidating dividend, is the amount of capital returned to the investor or business owner when a corporation is partially or fully liquidated.

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