Live chat gueens housewives

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Live chat gueens housewives

Watch What Crappens airs five times a week, which means you never have to wait long to get your fill of Bravo recaps, gossip, and shadiness.A special preferred parking rate of only * is available for our patrons in our designated garage. *The rate is applicable when parked in the garage after 5pm on weekdays, Mon – Fri.What would our worlds be like without limits – if we had endless supplies of money, assistants, good taste, and time – and a posse of glamorous girlfriends to share it with?We could strive for perfection in body, mind, and spirit – not to mention in house, clothing, and organization, youth, beauty, and career, marriage, motherhood, and entertaining (if you’re into that kind of stuff).There are always those plotting to overthrow the King (or Queen Bee) and to recruit other characters into secret or not so secret alliances.

With its stained glass windows and Byzantine dome, this historically designated space makes each event a memorable experience.This season, bathroom sex seems to be in vogue – whether it’s Brandi Glanville’s bathroom sex romp with movie star Gerard Butler at Kyle Richards’ pristine White Party or Jax Taylor’s lusty bathroom sex with ex-meth addict Laura Lee at SUR (Sexy Urban Restaurant) owned by Lisa Vanderpump.How many of us could afford to risk our jobs and dignity – or would wish to – by doing the dirty in the germ-filled bathroom at work. ” we can say in self-righteous disgust as we unwrap another chocolate while fast forwarding through the tiresome commercials to get to the next juicy tidbit!Lisa’s gigantic, designer shoe-filled, meticulously organized walk in closet is the size of most people’s houses – leading us to feel the whole range of emotions, from envy to disgust.Being a part of this privileged altered universe is much more fun than our daily routine of bills and laundry.

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Today's post suggests some (humorous) reasons why we so fascinated by the status-seeking escapades?

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