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Lloyd cotsen dating

-- say, page 24 of volume II -- and the bibliographical detail accompanying each entry and illustration are case studies in thoroughness.

In my case, page 24 reveals a charming, full-page, illustration of Theodore Léfèvre's (approx.

“The collection enhances the university’s continuing commitment to advancing research, education and cultural understanding across all disciplines.” In addition to donating the collections, the trust will provide an accompanying Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection Endowment to support the development and coordination of programs at the museum that emphasize research, scholarly projects and professional outreach related to the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection.

Support provided by the endowment will also fund conferences, visiting scholar lectures, research and publications.

The collections include textiles from nearly every era and every region in the world including Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

“The Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection is the finest resource ever assembled for teaching the aesthetic and cultural significance of global textiles,” said Museum Director John Wetenhall.

“Since affiliating with GW in 2012, The Textile Museum relaunched its scholarly journal and integrated students into its core operations.

The collections will be accessible for scholarly research and will influence future educational opportunities at the George Washington University Museum and The Textile Museum.

The heart of the gift, from the Cotsen 1985 Trust, is the Cotsen Textile Traces Study Collection, which is one of the world’s most significant textile study collections ever assembled by an individual.

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“The mission of the museum at the George Washington University aligns perfectly with Lloyd’s vision to inspire interdisciplinary research and scholarship that focuses on textiles,” said Margit Sperling Cotsen, Lloyd Cotsen’s widow, who is a trustee of the Cotsen 1985 Trust and chair and founding director of the Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching.

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