Ludwig dating drums

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Ludwig dating drums

While other instruments have incorporated date stamps and serial numbers for years, a working date system wasn’t put in place at Zildjian until 1994.

As the name implies, the Large Stamp is the biggest stamp ever produced by Zildjian.While other factors like lathing concentricity and hammering patterns can assist in divining the age/era of your cymbal, the most accurate way to know whether you have a crash from the ‘70s or the ‘40s is a close study of the famous Zildjian stamp.If you haven’t already, we recommend reading through our article on the history of Zildjian cymbals to understand the breadth of the company’s past. Zildjian cymbal are comprised of two parts: an upper section in Arabic and a lower bit in English.They take their name from the “CO” in “Zildjian CO” whereas prior models read “Zildjian Co.” In addition, CO models feature a 1 ⅛” stamp size and stand a better chance of retaining an ink logo thanks to their more recent production.Beginning in 1994, Zildjian introduced a laser-engraved serial number on the bottom of the stamp for easy identification.

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In addition, Avedis models were uniformly produced in machine hammering by the middle of the decade.

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