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Male dating gay seattle

Come meet and hang out in a friendly environment, get to know, support and laugh at each other.The group is designed for professionals or people with goals in life that live in the Seattle Area.It’s pretty clear that in Seattle, we take pride in everybody.Just east of downtown, Capitol Hill has long been the Seattle’s gay epicenter and home to artists, hipsters, students and now-famous musicians, not to mention some of the best restaurants, bars, coffee shops, live music venues and public parks.Continue reading A recent Seattle tradition is watching Auntie Mame on the big screen.What a wonderful and joyous movie of acceptance, love, tolerance and rejection of bigotry–and that is just the set design.I wanted to allude to the idea that most of us, though not all, desire to be in some relationship and to find this ‘elusive’ boyfriend.

Not much has changed since then Most of my professional career has been in HR/Recruiting where it’s been my business to get to know people as well as what makes them tick. Whether it’s talking with buddies on the soccer pitch or spotting me in the weight room, to the guys I meet at the bars and social events around town, one thing that has been consistent is the goal of having a boyfriend/partner in their lives.Overall, if you’re looking to experience Seattle’s LGBTQ scene, Capitol Hill, with it’s pride-painted crosswalks, is clearly the place to be.Seattle’s LGBTQ culture is so big that we’ve not just one Gay Pride Festival, but TWO (or more!My hope is that you’ll find that you are not alone in your dating experiences and that you come away with a bit of inspiration, a little chuckle here and there and perhaps just a greater sense of how much more in common you have with the other frustrated gay men in this city who are looking for sex, love and everything in between.For all the bi and gay men who are looking for more friends.

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We were nervous at first because we knew no one in the group plus I was dressed as a convict, but we had a great time that evening and found the members of the group very friendly and entertaining.