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Mandating child life services

The US experience makes it clear that staffing levels on their own, provide an incomplete picture of care and must be presented in a broader context.…

Hammond Care drew attention to the USA Government’s ‘Nursing Home Compare’ website, which publishes information on staffing levels in individual aged care homes, as well as other factors that influence care.This is over an hour (one third) more nursing care than the average resident in Australia gets and double the amount of care by trained nurses.Hammond Care outlined the UK’s Care Quality Commission and described it as ‘one of the best [rating systems for care homes] in the world.’ The UK Care Quality Commission does not publish staff ratios, but instead ‘considers staffing among a broader range of safety quality measures.’ Estia Health further explained that using these international examples could hasten the development of a system to publish broader measures of quality and care in aged care, as opposed to only publishing the staff to resident ratio measure as proposed in the Bill.The LASA stated that this would more accurately reflect the ‘significant contribution to care recipients' quality of life’ that these staff members provide.Uniting Care Australia similarly suggested a new category be created which would include ‘Personal Care workers, Team Leaders, Assistants in Nursing, Therapy assistants, Lifestyle and Recreational staff.’Uniting Care Australia recommended that the ‘other staff members’ category be expanded.

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Appropriate clinical governance, especially appropriately clinically staffed [residential aged care facilities], has the potential to reduce negative health outcomes by focusing on prevention and management rather than escalation to acute settings, especially referrals to ambulance and hospital emergency departments at night.