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Microsoft project wbs code not updating

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Therefore; any project manager that has a schedule that is heavily focused on the amount of work that needs to be done, rather than a focus on the amount of time is takes to be done, should take the field % work complete into account when reporting progress.When you calculate Duration like this in Auto Scheduled mode, Duration becomes Estimated – “3 days? If you also mark the task as Effort Driven, Project will know to continue to calculate Duration when you add or remove Resources in the future.You can change both the Effort Driven and Estimated property for a task by adding a column or using the Task Information dialog box (double-clicking on a task).I use Microsoft Project Professional 2013, but the functionality is the same in older versions.The simplest version of monitoring progress in a schedule is the percent (%) complete field.

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Now you are on your way to a Work-driven project schedule!

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