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Minneapolis phone dating  trial

WASHINGTON COUNTY, MN — A new trial date has been set in the case of a North Hudson man charged with reckless driving in a West Lakeland Township crash left a single and pregnant mother dead.A Washington County spokesperson told Patch a pre-trial hearing is set for April 30 before a jury trial June 18.In a trial like Noor's, the defense receives five peremptory challenges and the prosecution receives three, unless the judge rules otherwise.

In a case like Noor's, the size of the final group is 16.The jury pool will be told the basic details of the case, including the charges and parties involved.They'll be instructed about the rules they must abide by during the trial.Goeltz's said they were dismayed and angered that Fleming was charged with a gross misdemeanor, not a felony. According to a Go Fund Me established for Goeltz, she was a single mother."We've got a driver who was texting, and he kills someone, and he's charged with a misdemeanor," Tom Goeltz told the Pioneer Press last year. Her dauther, Paisley, was 3 at the time of the fatal crash.

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A potential juror may be excused from jury duty for a number of reasons, including that they're unable to communicate in English or have not yet had their civil rights reinstated after being convicted of a felony. Not showing up for jury duty is a misdemeanor in Minnesota.

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