Naughty girl dating

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Naughty girl dating

She apparently had another idea because once we got in the car she looked over at me with a sly smile and asked if I was ready for my turn.Without even waiting for me to answer, she unzipped my pants and slid her hand inside.Her moans were getting louder and her panting and breathing was getting louder.I pulled my mouth away and asked her if she was ready to cum for me.She was about 5'4" Blonde hair with an athletic, but skinny frame.Erica was one of those girls with an hourglass frame.

I could tell by the way she was pressing my face on her tits that she was getting close.

My mouth latched onto hers and we started kissing heavily.

Her pussy was so wet I could hear my fingers going in and out. I told her how dirty a girl she was and that she was about to make me cum. I knew I couldn't take it anymore and told her I was gonna explode and explode I did.

Once we both caught our breath and looked at the clock we realized it was time to take her home.

My dick was literally throbbing and I had leaked so much pre-cum you could see spots on my boxers.

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She gathered some wetness, slid her hand back in and began jacking me harder using her juice as lube. We were a block away from her house so I pulled in front of a house and parked.