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They can then communicate directly with the seller through an instant online Chat function.

By using love2move over nationally recognised online sites sellers have the additional comfort of their property value being verified by an experienced local agent who will advise on the price that will generate maximum return and a speedy sale.

" Mr Rasool said: "I had no involvement." The inquest will be concluded at a later date.

She vocalised her problems with her family in terms of her brother and relationship with her father and siblings.

The concept sits alongside the traditional agent’s existing offering, but is aimed at a different market, using an internet platform that can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

The dating agency style of the website combines the functions of Rightmove and Tinder, adopting the Tinder methodology of swipe and select so buyers can view potential houses easily and quickly by opening the love2move website on a phone or tablet, browsing properties and swiping the ones that match their requirements.

She was being treated in hospital because of her depression and her life.

"That was when she cut her legs and was banging her head and cut her hair off. We all agreed it at a meeting and she felt it would be better if she was at home.

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