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However, the Buddhists and the Native American people don’t like to be called pagan.Generally, the word “pagan” means someone who lives in the country.And people can talk to them about directions that they might want to go in.If you’re interested in pursuing a spiritual path that involves paganism of any sort, you kind of have to take yourself in hand and go there. People aren’t going to come to you, because for the most part, these groups don’t proselytize.It has to do with dealing with natural laws—and I’m not saying that Wiccans don’t deal with these things as well—but it comes more from a family-oriented or clan-oriented background, and works in that principle. We are about those things, but that’s not all that we’re about.

I’m interested in learning more.” What are some misconceptions people have about pagans and paganism? I tend to look at life in a less black & white format. There’s black & white, there’s positive & negative, there’s yin & yang, there’s up & down, there are opposite polarities of things.A lot of people think that we sacrifice cats or children or worship Satan—actually, Satan is a Christian god and is not a part of the pantheon that are available or that we deal with in alternative spirituality. And something may be appropriate, and something may be less appropriate. We are comprised of all of those things, and I believe part of our goal, part of our process here, is to find balance between those things. And for the most part, that’s what my witchcraft is about …finding natural laws that help me to become a more balanced individual.People play board games and card games and sit and talk and have coffee, and it’s basically a social evening so you can get to know other people.There are also books that are available that are sort of a beginner kind of learning experience.

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We have, once a month, a [free] meeting called New to the Community Meet-Up.

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