Pagdating ni magellan

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Pagdating ni magellan

I was able to visit Little Habag, a few minutes walk from the plaza (my point of reference; it's where the basketball court is located). I didin't know there was another "baranggay" in Habag. Emie went to see Papa Ramon, to ask if we can hire his banca for the tour. Afterward, we walk back to town and thanked the townsfolk for welcoming us into their town.It was good that he is available on the day we are to tour. We are off to Pagbabangnan where Ferdinand Magellan first arrived in the Philippines (according to the locals). His name appears in Philippine history books as he rediscovers the Philippines (on his way looking for Moluccas, the Spice Island).They werent making out or anything like that,but they were just inseparable during the event.Find someone that you want to be there with youthrough those times.We will automatically add 60 free chat minutes to the phone number you are calling from- so make sure you are on the phone you want to use.

ang homonhon isalnd ay bibubou ng 8 baranggay ito ay ang casuguran,bataugan,habag,inapulangan,canawayon,culasi,pagbabangnan at cagusuan ang casuguran ang panaka sentro ng homonhon island, eto ay naka harap sa pacific ocean kung saan ay masisilayan mo ang apgsikat ng araw sa bahaging eto.

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I took the land trip again with Lina and her daughter this time. The houses in the town by the main road looked different from the ones in Habag or Bitaugan. We walked the main road leading to the white beach and crystal clear waters.

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Pagkatapos,ang mga barangay po doon ay hindi pa po town....simpleng barangay lang po sila.