Parachat sex

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Parachat sex

Here's a hilarious log: Big_Dick_Mike I went in as "caligirl81," and I seriously got about 5 requests for cam shows... Maybe I should work on the "To Catch a Predator" staff. The best one is when you can get them on MSN, get them to go on cam, then tell them you're with the police and that you know where they live. Im Hot_girlhot_man: hi Hot_Girl: hi hot_man: asl Hot_Girl: wanna cyber? but first lets cyber sex An On Im OO: ok An On Im OO: start bb 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i touch your hard crotch 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i feels so manly 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i take off my top 14_Year_old_hot_girl: revealing my large breasts 14_Year_old_hot_girl: i take off my skirt An On Im OO: hummmm 14_Year_old_hot_girl: and stick my 10" cock in your pooper 14_Year_old_hot_girl: hahahahahaha An On Im OO: . Unless they just switched the age since the last time I checked 20 is LEGAL.

despite the fact that I told all the IMers that I was 14. hot_man: have pic hot_man: you look like Hot_Girl: wanna cyber? 14_Year_old_hot_girl: Paedo An On Im OO: im 16I love doing this You should kill yourself because you are retarded. This topic is about trapping PEDO'S with UNDERAGE GIRLS.

Randy Andy: heya hun Randy Andy: 22/m wales Randy Andy: feeling kinky?

17_f_Megumi: yes Thegreatestever: do u have a vagina 17_f_Megumi: i now am reaming your ass 17_f_Megumi: you are horrible in bed 17_f_Megumi: so i take my cock and shove it in my vagina 17_f_Megumi: i cum 17_f_Megumi: lol 17_f_Megumi: bye brave_heart19: hi K00l_girl15: hey brave_heart19: how r u kool gal brave_heart19: wanna chat brave_heart19: what is hey brave_heart19: what does it meanssss K00l_girl15: yeah i wanna chatt...

K00l_girl15: it like hi brave_heart19: ok nice brave_heart19: how old r u sweety K00l_girl15: 15 K00l_girl15: u?

brave_heart19: i would like to had a friend like u brave_heart19: sure plz K00l_girl15: brave_heart19: have u got msn siz111: hi Ho T_g1rl15: hey sweetheart Ho T_g1rl15: what your asl?

siz111: where u from Ho T_g1rl15: saint-john Ho T_g1rl15: u?

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Sexy_girl_90: your wondering why Sexy_girl_90: I call in my son and mydog Sexy_girl_90: WHEN THEY COME IN WE HAVE A GIANT SEX ORGY im_so_horny has left. HOT_GUY: I begin to slide your panties off as I kiss you. HOT_GUY has left Sexay Girl: I have a urge to have sex with you for some reason.

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