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Battery technology also hampers the feasibility of electric vehicles.Lead acid batteries are heavy and hold less charge than their competitors, lithium-ion batteries.Of all the options for new fuels, biofuels stand out as the most compatible.The other possible alternatives have a number of technological and economical hurdles that prevent them from being as feasible as biofuels. Hydrogen burns clean, and is an extremely abundant atom on Earth.Canada’s renewable fuels industry domestically produces almost 1.8 billion litres of ethanol and more than 400 million litres of biodiesel annually.Policy: Mandate & Target America recently revised the targets for the Renewable Fuels Standard to be 65bn by 2016 and at least 136bn by 2020.The BP Statistical Review predicts the depletion of all the world's proven oil reserves in 45.7 years.) a year.

Though they do not directly consume fossil fuels, they do rely on an external source to provide the necessary electricity, and the most widely used fuel for electricity generation is coal.Finally, it directs the Secretary to provide guidance and technical assistance to Federal agencies for the procurement and placement of alternative fueled vehicles.Title III requires two other changes within the federal government related to alternative fuels.Collecting hydrogen, either from reformed methane or electrolysis of water, is a very expensive and energy intensive.Hydrogen cars, either as hydrogen combustion or fuel cells, require the installation of new infrastructure for hydrogen production, transportation, storage, distribution, and vehicle refueling.

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It also requires the Secretary of Energy to study and report to Congress the Federal experience with alternative fueled heavy duty vehicles.

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