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Puma dating rules

Puma – This is a new term being thrown out there in today’s society.A Puma is a woman in her 30’s, meaning 30-39, who is dating a man in their 20’s.

She does not have the experience or wisdom as the Cougar, quit yet. Lioness – I think it’s appropriate since we have Cougars and Puma’s roaming around in the jungle that we define a new category.

Which is to say: Conventions and biological clocks, be damned!

Anyway, the older-woman-younger-dude question is back on my brain this week in part because it just came to my attention that Demi Moore is all over the Novemember issue of magazine. I don't know why it is that I alwasy date guys who are younger than me, usually by about 5 years. Probably another reason is that I'm rather emotionally risk-averse, and I know that with the tykes, things won't ever get too serious.

These women who are in their 50’s are dating men any age younger than themselves.

Lionesses rule the dating jungle and Cougars and Pumas have much to learn from them.

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She once credited Aubry, a model and eventual father of her first child, for keeping her "mojo" going.

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