Radiometric dating simplified

Posted by / 30-Oct-2019 02:51

Assuming a closed system means that nothing on the outside of the rock affected the sample.This means that none of the parent or daughter isotope leaked in or out.From what has been observed, even small amounts of rock metamorphosis should not disturb the elements in the zircon.

If this is true, it makes the dating simple because if the half-lifes are correct, the dater only has to find the ratio of the amount of lead and uranium in the sample.The four isotopes are uranium-235, uranium-238, lead-207, and lead-206.The process of dating finds the two ratios between uranium-235 and lead-207; and uranium-238 and lead-206.The reason for stopping at lead is because lead is not radioactive and will not change into a different element.It may sound straight-forward, but there are many variables that have to be considered.

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