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Be sure to escape sensitive characters when inserting the email address into a string passed to another program, in order to prevent security holes such as SQL injection attacks: Both the username and the domain name can contain one or more dots, but no two dots can appear right next to each other.Furthermore, the first and last characters in the username and in the domain name must not be dots: This regular expression adds to the previous versions by specifying that the domain name must include at least one dot, and that the part of the domain name after the dot can only consist of letters.This chapter contains recipes for validating and formatting common types of user input.

or, see this url This should work for most regex processors:/((? Followed by at least one or more valid domain characters (a-z, 0-9, or -)Matches without case sensitivity (/i)It does not enforce white space, so it will match this: blah and return you want to enforce space, add \s to the beginning, but then you have to ensure that you add a space to the beginning of the string to match. They can be replaced with matching groups () if your regex processor has trouble. It's not terribly strict, but it matches all standard domain names (but might let slip through some invalid ones).

For this reason, you may want to select the “simple, with all characters” regular expression.

Though it obviously allows many things that aren’t email addresses, such as , the regex is quick and simple, and will never block a valid email address.

Because you ultimately have to check whether the address exists by actually sending email to it, you can decide to use a simpler or more relaxed regular expression.

Allowing invalid addresses to slip through may be preferable to annoying people by blocking valid addresses.

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You have a form on your website or a dialog box in your application that asks the user for an email address.

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