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This is the common crutch that Pearson’s thesis attempts to dispel.

study to say that single women of school age children did not date with the normal order of the primary accepted societal norms like security, income, protection or stability.

This is the very worst time for a single mother to attempt to date prospective partners.

On the surface one would imagine that the failure is due to the woman being less attractive to the male because of the more children she has, but the science indicates that when all the external factors are removed, this is not a consideration in the process, it is more about the females emotional (and sometimes physical) availability.

One of those findings was that the heterosexual single mother of school age children often dates prospective partners for all the wrong reasons and thus can face a very high failure rate in terms of finding a successful mate.

Pearson then goes on to indicate that the failure is very often by design, even though it may often be a subconscious choice for the woman.

The numbers between the two types of parents could not be more different.

In his thesis, Pearson examines societal values and the way they prioritize assets and “things” over life experiences and personal character.By that time the women may have lost their looks and finding a man at that age would be more difficult.Throughout Pearson’s study this element kept showing up despite the controlled questions and weighted Q&A that the subjects in his thesis were challenged with.thesis examined the fact that it may not be the single woman at fault, she may in fact be last attractive to new mate, but after research with question-and-answer panels with the new potential mates, it became clear that the issue wasn’t how they felt about the single woman, it was in fact her lack of emotional and physical availability being the biggest hurdle.Pearson went on to ask, why does a single woman with school-age children actually require a partner?

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His answer was that the reason a single mother looks for a new partner is less about immediate insurance, and more about the realization that at some point the child or children will be leaving the home that she has created.

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