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Some years later they met at a shop in Beverly Hills as she was browsing photographic books about Africa, thereby establishing a mutual interest.

While Mabry went to fetch drinks, leaving Powers alone for a few moments, she turned to come face to face with Holden who introduced himself, “Hi, Bill Holden.” After wishing her a happy New Year he moved on.It was only in her absence that he fell off the wagon, clearly encouraged by his old drinking buddies such as his accountant Frank Schappe, with whom he would go on binges for several days.After another drinkfuelled incident she and two friends finally persuaded him to join Alcoholics Anonymous.“Maybe I should write down the truth, the truth about our relationship and the truth about him as I saw it and put him in the light, not the light of a knight in shining armour but in the light of what the real man was.”Stefanie Zofya Paul was born on November 2, 1942, in Hollywood.Her parents divorced during her childhood and her Polish-American mother Julia Golen remained close to her until her death in 2009.

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“I walked out to where the cars would drop off or pick up passengers,” she says.“I saw Bill standing next to his Mercedes-Benz with a motorcycle cop talking to him.

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