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Ruby and romeo dating in real life

Students will find this stone immensely helpful in their studies.This lucky stone can also help prevent being cheated by someone. Remember that Mercury is not compatible with Moon as per the astrological study.The wearers of this stone will get name and fame in the society.

Lucky Stone for Libra date of Birth (24th September to 23rd October)Since Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Libra, the ideal lucky stone for the natives of this zodiac sign is a diamond. Astrology says that Venus is not compatible with planets including Sun and Moon.

They can benefit from wearing a pearl or moonstone.

This stone helps enhance fortune, win the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, turn luck in your favour, gain mental balance and intelligence and attain marital bliss. Since Moon is incompatible with the planets Rahu and Ketu, the moon stone and pearl should not be worn along with hessonite or cat’s eye.

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You will gain peace, wealth, happiness and marital bliss by wearing this stone. The natives of this zodiac sign can benefit from the lucky stone blue sapphire which is also considered the fastest acting among all the gems. This stone is depended on for attaining name and fame. Lucky Stone for Aquarius date of Birth (21st January to 19th February)Since the Aquarius natives are ruled by the planet Saturn, they can immensely benefit from wearing blue sapphire.