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Ryan baya dating

The suicide of one of Ryan's Army friends gives him cause to discuss the posttraumatic stress disorder that afflicts some of his fellow soldiers, his own traumatic memories of the Iraq Warand how the September 11 Attacks led to his enlistment.

The next morning Baya finds out that several other people will be at the bar to interview Wentz, and she quizzes Chet about his interview questions. At some point Chet asks Devyn what she first thought of him, and she confides that she assumed he was gay purple shoes and skinny jeans will do that.

Kat is honest with him, but later is angered by both his and J.

They try to work on their relationship, but Chet does not approve of her seeing two men.

Ryan considers the possibility but doesn't dwell on it.

On the other hand, if it were to happen he believes it would be very tough on their relationship.

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Baya and Ryan arrive, and Ryan also admits that he thought that Chet was gay.