Ryan seacrest dating show serena williams dating rapper common

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Ryan seacrest dating show

As for his clothing line: lots of celebrities have their names attached to products, like clothing lines, jewelry lines, perfumes, and so on.

Not for nothing, Julianne Hough thought Ryan was gay before they started dating., and “realized” he wasn’t in an awkward interview that resurfaced this week. Will asks Ryan, “[Do] you spray cologne on your girl?

His mother told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Instead of playing with G. Joes or Cowboy and Indians, Ryan would always have a little microphone and do shows in the house.” He has a sister named Meredith Seacrest. He continued to work on air at WSTR until graduating from Dunwoody High School.

Later, he attended the University of Georgia and dropped out to pursue a broadcasting career in Hollywood.

As for how involved Ryan is with his clothing line — you’d have to ask him.

And by the way, lots of [presumably] straight men have designed clothing lines, including, but not limited to, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. He has, however, been linked to various women throughout his career, including Shana Wall, Teri Hatcher, and Julianne Hough, whom he dated for two years.

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