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Sabra johnson dating

Next up: a January 28 screening at AVA Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, N. Though Phillips plans to continue to screen the film in the area, he's now concentrating on DVD sales and securing the film's broadcast on Vermont PBS.

Field has achieved success and acclaim with her art.

The first contact between artist Sabra Field and filmmaker Bill Phillips was anything but auspicious.

Phillips and his family had just moved to tiny East Barnard.

It's no surprise that Phillips, 66, a longtime admirer of Field's art, was able to find a compelling story in her career.

The writer of some 50 screenplays for film and television (including 1983's Stephen King adaptation Christine), he has long held the position of professor of film and media studies at his alma mater, Dartmouth College.

"I kind of burned out on screenwriting," Phillips adds.He even launched his own online dance competition called ‘Dance Showdown’.Dominic’s preferred dance genre is break-dancing but he is keen on learning new dance forms and is a vital member of the ‘Quest Crew’."After writing 50, I thought I didn't have anything else to write.Filmmaking is my first love, so I've gotten back into that." Apparently he's done it well, as Sabra has earned local accolades, pulling in the audience favorite award in the 2015 Vermont International Film Festival's Vermont Filmmakers' Showcase category and earning a nomination for best feature at the 2015 Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival.

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On a spring morning in 1975, they were stunned when a dog ran onto their porch and shook their tiny kitten by the nape of its neck, killing it. Field, the renowned Vermont artist and owner of the dog, immediately had the animal put down.