Sccm query based collections not updating Free sex chat sites no credit cards no sign up

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Sccm query based collections not updating

However, there are other ways of triggering individual machine updates I can describe if you're interested. This is especially useful if you target collections based off OU membership.It’s better with device based dynamic collections (as it gives a warning pop up as you can see in the above video!

you have some experience with SQL you could try looking if the Query is a long runner.

I have created a quick video to demonstrate this issue here.

I have got a blogger Kannan C S to share his experience on this topic. Infra Architect with several years of SCCM and System Center experience.

Note you don't want to set these very short or your client data will be getting deleted due to relatively brief period of inactivity.

To summarize, there is a one way sync from AD - You need to change your Discovery Data deletion task settings in Site Maintenance. You may also want to configure the Inactive Client deletion task settings.

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I am not sure if any purpose must be behind of this design of collection default query select * from sms_r_system/select * from sms_R_User.

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