Sedating cats for air travel

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Sedating cats for air travel

(I did not take them at the same time.) I feel creating a safe hiding place is important to help keep cats calmer in potentially stressful situations.

Our cats had different life experiences prior to their plane rides.

Xander was born in a house, was raised with people, & has always liked people; we got him when he was 2 years old, he flew when he was 12, he is now 15. Chibi appears to have been born in a house but then was apparently dumped & lived in our neighborhood as a stray for about 5 months and was very afraid of people; it still takes her months to warm up to a new person.

We caught her to take her to our vet because she had a large, festering sore on her tail.

Since they had never been apart, we knew we had to take them together; when they are separated they meow, calling for the other brother.

(Shiro still goes to the back door and calls for Momo.) During the flight Momo meowed a couple of times to let us know he would prefer to be out exploring this new area with lots of interesting smells & sounds.

(Xander didn’t make a sound while I was gone.) He handled traveling like a pro! Since she is the most nervous cat, I thought she would be a problem. She felt safe hidden in the carrier that she identified as part of “home”.

Shiro & Momo (aka The Boys) were the last to move to Hawai’i.

She flew when she was 8 years old in July 2015; she is now 10 years old.

We are still looking for him.)Because of Hawai’i’s strict rabies quarantine, I knew there would be about 6 months from the time I started the process until Xander would be approved for entry.

I bought a soft-sided carrier and left it in the kitchen where all the cats like to hang out; I occasionally threw cat treats or catnip in to the carrier.

Each of these medications affects a different mixture of neurotransmitters.

Here’s what you need to know about each type of medication: There are several types of benzodiazepines that are used to sedate cats, and they all are pharmacologically similar to the prescription medication Valium.

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(My son handled Momo, I had Shiro.) They are now 16.

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