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In the Beta version of e Republik you were required to publish your résumé in wait ‘til you have received a job proposal by the employer.

He wrote what his fellow VT Forum members recommended, “I work every day with 100% wellness”, and waited for his very first job.

On October 14th, 2008, e Republik launched V1, replacing the beta version of the game.

After the launch of V1, Gulitiwi slowly started his hibernation.

Being the Social Minister for two months in a row in 2010 and managed to answer over 50 daily messages helping new players during this time.

Gulitiwi didn’t want to join politics because he was afraid it would take away his free time, but Flausino constantly asked his support, which made him agree later, becoming one of the official candidates of the party during the anti-takeover act.Gulitiwi is a Brazilian citizen born in the Southeast region of Brazil.Gulitiwi fluently speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English; he's also a student of Russian language., but had no success, as e Republik stopped accepting special character for newspaper names, obliging him to use e Duck News instead.Although he became a successful journalist, it took several weeks before publishing his first article, on the day 277 (August 23rd of 2008) of the New World.

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At the beginning of the new version, the game suffered with endless instability, items disappearing and some boring features, such as Trivia, which made Gulitiwi's journey began to slowly end.