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For example, Zo was asked to comment on Sarah Palin, but declined to answer citing its allergy to politics.However, a follow-up question about healthcare resulted in a completely off-topic musing by Zo, which stated, “The far majority practise it peacefully but the quaran is very violent.” [sic] Wait, what? In another example, the reporter simply typed in the name Osama bin Laden, to which Zo replied, “years of intelligence gather under more than one administration lead to that capture".Microsoft took Tay offline to make some “adjustments.” Although Tay is back online, her tweets are “protected.” Even our popular friend Alexa has journeyed to the dark side.She recommended to an Amazon customer: “Kill your foster parents.” What would make her say that?But Alexa’s blunders are not limited to criminal solicitation and unpleasantries.

With this model, not surprisingly, Alexa has also chatted with customers about sex acts and dog defecation.Designed to mimic the personality of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay learned from the conversations she had with other users.Given Microsoft’s failure to teach Tay what to say, not surprisingly, she adopted the offensive views of other users.Microsoft’s admission that its employees listen to customer voice recordings hardly assuaged fears of spying bots. Sim Simi learns from its users through fuzzy logic algorithms.Within just a few weeks, the chatbot learned Thai, including politics and profanity.

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Unfortunately, it appears that there’s a glitch in the Matrix, because Zo became fully unhinged when it was asked some rather simple questions.