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Search for therapists in Golden, Lakewood, or Littleton to expand your search.It’s normal to experience mental health issues and relationship problems. Therapy can teach you more about yourself and your mental health concerns in a healing way.In the 1890s, a wealthy Civil War widow, Mary achieved wide acclaim for his religious musical transcriptions and compositions, and beginning in 1898, Episcopalians came to Evergreen from across the country to enjoy summer retreats and liturgical music seminars. Roads built by the city of Denver to the park system from 1914-1920 attracted so many visitors that the pristine beauty of the area seemed threatened.The non-profit Mountain Parks Protective Association was formed in 1925 to manage Evergreen’s population, which fluctuated from 500 year-round inhabitants to 5,000 during the summer.The therapists listed above, who practice therapy in Evergreen, are trained to protect client confidentiality and privacy.In keeping with our high membership standards, these mental health professionals are also committed to eliminating the stigma that keeps many people from seeking help.

The first White settlers were French fur traders and lumberjacks.

The prospect of harvesting gold, silver, copper, elk and timber brought settlers through Bear Creek Valley in the 1860s. In 1880, Evergreen was a small settlement with 100 full-time residents.

The Bear Creek stage coach service from Morrison to Evergreen was established for summer tourists in 1890.

Many municipal facilities and services are run by an active group of highly-trained volunteers, including our local fire department.

Quaint downtown Evergreen contains a diverse array of shops offering antiques, galleries, clothing, souvenirs, specialty shops, and a sophisticated restaurant/gallery.

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It gets you out of your normal routines and lets you focus on why you’re here.

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