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Peppermint tea, blankets, cookies, and the views ~ it doesn't get much better than that.If you need escape from the winter and the news remember it's spring in Antarctica and there are penguins nesting, with chicks on the brink of appearing.

You'll catch all of the winter roller coaster right here and on all the views.

President Eisenhower's voice issued a Christmas greeting from a pre-recorded tape on a recorder aboard an orbiting space satellite (making his the first human voice to be heard in space..) Fans of the "Don't Look" link might enjoy seeing how busy orbiting space has gotten by going here (it's an amazing site) ~ if you're not a fan of the former, stay away from the latter, seriously.

But don't forget to check out your favorite views today as you hustle and bustle through the still (but not for long!

We, here at the Blurbette Division of Drivewaycam International, slept through the Australian New Year, along with a couple of others.

However ~ there are New Years happening right now so celebrate all day long (on the hour of course) as we wish 2016 a fond (or less than fond) farewell and take a deep breath to begin 2017.

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Anthropologists believe that solstice celebrations go back at least 30,000 years, before humans even began farming on a large scale.