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They used the internet to find like-minded people with whom they could talk, meet, or exchange suggestive pictures.

Without leaving the privacy of their homes, viewers could engage in conversation with exotic performers or watch erotic movies.

For example, public concern about X-rated movies led the entertainment industry to develop a ratings system so viewers of mainstream movies could anticipate what types of scenes were part of those films.

Those movie guidelines later extended to video games, songs, and music videos.

In the same way that many jurisdictions police illicit behavior at brick-and-mortar establishments, advocates want governments to stop digital applications that promote or facilitate exploitative behavior.

The manner in which oversight unfolds in industries tied to sex is crucial because practices there often influence the rules and norms that develop in other sectors.

And of course, Harmony will have sex with you whenever you want.” While most people are not willing to pay several thousand dollars for a sex robot, few want to limit the choices for those who are interested in that market.

Most Americans are either liberal or libertarian in their lifestyle views.

when the world moved from cable television, movie videos, and DVDs to chatrooms, video-streaming, and e-commerce, the sex industry was a crucial factor in the changing digital landscape.

So then if the thing the company programmed it to say is not something I want the chatbot to say, I can delete it's text.

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These uses of digital technology deeply worry Americans.

They fear platforms that prey on innocent children and promote unlawful behavior.

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