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Single in the city dating

If being in a major capital with lots of things to do and lots of people always around you is appealing then you probably will like Manila.If you want less options for things to do but an easier and more laid back day to day life then try Cebu City.

The goal of this post is to try and break down all of the main variables so that single men can have a better understanding of what a quick trip or living in either city would be like.

For the longest time Mango Square was the place to be every night of the week.

It was a unique adult entertainment and bar district where you found the most popular singles bars and nightclubs in the city right along with freelance prostitutes and 60 year old sexpats.

Groups of high school and college kids would be walking through the courtyard going upstairs to Holic while sexpats picked up prostitutes outside or in J Ave.

But now it is gone, and no one is sure how the nightlife scene will play out.

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Both have some nice condos either in or nearby and would be great places to make a home base.

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