Sirius dating

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You expect the usual casual villain as a first challenge, but you begin to realize that things aren't as clear cut as they seem.

Not in the villains, but in how our characters act.

Take a sip of this world, and maybe you'll find jewels in its majesty.

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• The whole school is shocked that Sirius Black has finally gotten into a serious relationship, but he couldn't be happier • After the school realizes that Hogwarts' biggest player is Sirius Black so there are some people who don't think it'll last(Spoiler, they were wrong) • Sirius has a very gentlemanly side that only a few people have seen, but Sirius the gentleman is always around you • Sirius has dragged you into multiple broom closets before classes for a quick snog session on multiple occasions • When the rest of the marauders found out you two were together they half yelled "Are you serious?!

Young and not yet tainted by the pain of loss and Azkaban, Sirius Black was a lot harder to manage than Ron or Harry.

When he wasn't making every situation the punchline to a long winded joke, he was making his salacious intentions well known.

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