Speed dating bangkok metropolis

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Speed dating bangkok metropolis

In 1944, the MTC proposed a two-line network, one line running underneath Saint Catherine Street, the other under Saint Denis and Notre-Dame and Saint Jacques Streets.In 1953 the newly formed public Montreal Transportation Commission replaced streetcars by buses and proposed a single subway line reusing the 1944 plans and extending it all the way to Boulevard Crémazie, right by the D'Youville maintenance shops.Line 3 was never built and the number was never used again.The railway, already used for a commuter train to the North Shore at Deux-Montagnes, was completely renovated in the early 1990s and effectively replaced the planned third line.Then a year later, the Comptoir Financier Franco-Canadien and the Montreal Tunnel Company proposed tunnels under the city centre and the Saint-Lawrence River to link the emerging South Shore neighbourhoods but faced the opposition of railway companies.The reluctance of elected city officials to advance funds foiled this first attempt.

World War II and the war effort in Montreal resurrected trams crowding.

The next line would thus be numbered 5 (Blue Line).

The Montreal municipal administration asked municipalities of the South Shore of the Saint Lawrence River which one would be interested in the Metro and Longueuil got the link.

But urban congestion started to take its toll on streetcar punctuality, so the idea of an underground system was soon considered.

In 1902, as European and American cities were inaugurating their first subway systems, the federal government created the Montreal Subway Company to promote the idea in Canada.

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Starting in 1910, many proposals were tabled but the Montreal Metro would prove to be an elusive goal.