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Speed dating in math class

If you use a discussion strategy that’s not mentioned here, please share it below. Join our mailing list and get weekly tips, tools, and inspiration that will make your teaching more effective and fun.You’ll get access to our members-only library of free downloads, including 20 Ways to Cut Your Grading Time in Half, the e-booklet that has helped thousands of teachers save time on grading.If managed well, it can be a win-win for students learning and working happily and teachers facilitating strong math dialogue.

Excellent for classes where you want to assess for discussion and help students get more comfortable with each other. I would like to think this is a pretty complete list, but I’m sure more strategies are out there.

I focused on activities that were relatively low-prep.

Many of these activities are included in the Maneuvering the Middle curriculum or can be purchased here, but I am going to explain how you might prepare for and execute these activities if you are not a middle school math teacher.

Over 50,000 teachers have already joined—come on in.

I have been enjoying reading Crazy Math Teacher Lady's blog a lot this year.

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