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I can't promise that I can present you with any sort of "whopper" (alas, I am what God made me) but a double could definately be on the cards.

Ok amusing innuendo and banter aside, anone that can answer seriously to prevent this thread being locked would be great.

Besides, the cooking skills will come in handy when you invite a cutie home for a homecooked dinner (a cooking man is always sexy) and you'd never have to ask that awkward "your place or mine? I've been in Zurich for 6 months now, and while I have no problems chatting to people on a night out, I haven't really "met" any one per se outside of work.

So, being young free and single I wouldn't mind taking my first ever stab at something like speed dating or normal dating and see what happens.

"We start to perceive independence through the acquisition of things, but don't seek to connect everyday with people." Yet despite the challenges on the ground, international singles in Switzerland will be glad to know that the statistics look optimistic.

According to the Swiss government's figures last year in 2013, expatriate lovebirds are well represented.

And then there are the stalwart favourites, which nowadays seem steeped in nostalgia.

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Here in Geneva, you spend a whole career assigned in an organisation before you realise ‘I've got no-one to come home to!

' The second challenge is that when a society has all it needs and more, its people are less outgoing with each other", she says.

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Charlotte* is a trainee lawyer from New York who has lived in Switzerland for five years and currently lives in Bern.

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