Stdinreader xmobar updating expat dating singapore

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Stdinreader xmobar updating

I believe the syntax is correct ( does not work either).

For me, the computer is a work tool that should get out of the way as much as possible to allow me to perform the task at hand.

Luckily, xmobar provides a plugin to execute shell commands, and using this mechanism we can put anything on the status bar, as long as we can figure out a command to run to produce the wanted text.

I use a Maildir mail storage (together with dovecot to provide an IMAP interface to my mail), and since I don’t automatically split mails into groups/folders it’s enough to just check the number of mails in my Maildir’s application (shows up as a flag in the tray if multiple layouts are configured).

I spend many hours every day working with, primarily, my laptop, and seemingly insignificant improvements to the desktop environment and development tools add up over time to improve my overall efficiency.

Because of this I like to spend time looking into how the tools I use can be tuned to better help in what I need to do.

I use KDE3 and have the KDE3 panel running, but it’s hidden unless I put the mouse in the bottom left corner.

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