Stop dating your computer

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One of the most common building blocks in programming is the if-else statement.When you write one of these, you include two blocks of code.They allow programmers to specify a set of conditions, and continuously run the code inside the loop until the conditions are no longer true.Do-while loops, for instance Once they start a chore, or working on something for you, they know the conditions and won’t stop until they’re fulfilled. Programmers spend a lot of time writing code, but just as much time (if not more) fixing code.However, an incorrectly set system clock can cause more problems than just the inconvenience of mistakenly thinking your lunch hour has arrived.

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Programmers can spend hours upon hours debugging their software and searching for little errors that throw everything off.

This can be an extremely frustrating part of development, but you can be sure that your date is a patient person because of it..

If the top statement is true, the code inside the if block runs.

Else, the code in the else block runs, like so: Programmers know how to think about cause and effect.

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Create separate login names for your children or guests who you wish to block from dating sites. Make sure you are the only one who knows your name and password.