Test google updating search results

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Test google updating search results

These Quality Raters follow strict guidelines that define our goals for Search algorithms and are publicly available for anyone to see.Google tests a new search interface that updates the results as you type a query.Check the HD version of the video to better see Google's new UI.The experiment is not available in Google Labs, but you can try a similar interface at Google Alerts.The button itself came two-thirds up a truncated page, after just two or three search results. Sacrificing those funny-looking O’s is going to make it awfully difficult to skip to page 3 on multiple IPs and vigorously up the click-through rate of your number 36-ranked blog post. Ditto, it’s going to make it hard for your average Joe to skip back to that bed and breakfast he mentally earmarked after his third tap of “More Results”—especially if he’s tapped it 3 more times since then.

In theory, then, if More Results were to go completely universal, and if Google were to stick with it, pages two and up of the SERP would be indefinitely eliminated, and all results would exist on “page one.” The effect that would have on ranking designations remains unclear.

Update: Sources including the Google Operating System blog have referred to this as Google 'streaming' the search results.

Indeed, you can see in the video that they offer a link to 'Turn off streaming.' Further update: Google has launched the product I demoed in this video, under the name Google Instant; this will be rolled out to people over the next few days.

So it could be this will have little to no effect on impressions or clicks. If Google catches the amount of flack for More Results as if did for Zero Results, this experiment will last about as long as that one did: no longer than a week.

Interestingly, More Results and Zero Results share the same ostensible benefit (decreased load time), but seem to contend with different stakeholders.

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These early rumblings reached a crescendo a few days ago, when, as confirmed by Google’s Danny Sullivan, Google began rolling the feature out universally: In this post, we’ll give a full rundown on the “More Results” test as it has unfolded, and discuss the potentially substantial ripples it could send throughout the world of paid and organic search. More Results is a mobile-only test currently in beta at Google.

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