The truths about dating and mating mobilism

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Natal is one of the best places to have quality time both during the day and night in Brazil.

The temperature is constant at about 30 degrees Celsius all year, everyday and every night.

Do not be surprised to see attractive women checking you out – it is perfectly normal. On the other hand, being too confident may also chase some girls away – less likely to happen, but possible. Whether you see a girl in a store, a restaurant or on the street, go and talk to her if you like her. There is literally no room for games – people in Brazil are simple and direct and Natal makes no exception.

There are a few reputable strip clubs in Natal – Cafe Teatro Paris, Cafe Show Senzala and Clube de Coserne.

Keep in mind that during a date, if you two seem to have a good time, you can kiss her after 15 minutes. At the same time, the kiss means you might be more than just friends, but it is not an invitation to sex.

Keep the first few dates casual and relaxing – have a drink in a lounge, walk down the beach, visit a park or go downtown. The beauty of this place is that you can approach them everywhere.

The list is longer, so you might as well walk in downtown and pop in from one strip club to another. Perhaps you can get yourself turned on in a strip club, then move on to a brothel and get some action.

Again, there are plenty of options, yet one of them stands out in the crowd – Cia da Baleza. Early reservations are recommended once you find a girl you like, only to make sure she is available for you.

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Street prostitution may not be as common as a decade ago, but it still goes strong.

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