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House Democrats are deeply divided over the merits of term limits, and it’s unclear if the caucus would ultimately adopt this proposal.

Several Democrats also said they did not think Pelosi needed to back term limits to be elected speaker.

| Nancy Pelosi is doing exactly what she said she wouldn’t in order to secure the votes she needs to be elected speaker — putting an end date on her tenure as the top House Democratic leader.

Under an agreement reached with seven Democrats who opposed her speaker bid, Pelosi will back term limits for the top three Democratic leaders.

But Pelosi, who as part of the agreement is supposed to whip support for the proposal, will also have influence in any caucus vote.

If the caucus were to reject the proposal, Pelosi has agreed to abide by it anyway, meaning she will have to hand over the gavel no later than 2022. Connolly, who’s open to the proposal but does not think the term limits should be retroactive, said the caucus should have a wide discussion about term limits in general, including for committee leaders.

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“We will support and vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House in the 116th Congress.”Some of the seven are making abrupt reversals.