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Trigger updating same row

Then we will update values of TXN_NUMBER column of bank_transactions table and will observe values of bank_transactions and bank_transactions_audit tables.

You will notice, in audit table, the old values are inserted. CREATE TABLE bank_transactions ( TXN_ID number(10) primary key, TXN_NUMBER varchar2(20), PARTY_NAME varchar2(50), TXN_DATE date, CREATED_BY varchar2(20), CREATED_DATE date ); --Creating bank_transactions_audit table.

Avoid to use primary or unique constraint on audit table to avoid any constraint violation in insertion of the same row multiple times in case of multiple updates of transaction table.

Then we will create “trg_before_update_txn_audit” Trigger on table bank_transactions.

First, we will create transaction table bank_transactions.

Then we will create audit table bank_transactions_audit.

A trigger operates with the privileges of the owner of the trigger.

This statement specifies that Oracle will fire this trigger BEFORE the UPDATE operation is executed.

To ensure data intigrity, We will create before UPDATE trigger and it will restrict UPDATE on data which violates any of above criteria. Then we will create “trg_before_emp_update” Trigger on columns JOB_EXPERIENCE and LAST_APPLIED_DATE of job_openings table.

We will first insert some values into this table and then, We will try to update different values in this table and observe the result.

-- Creating TRIGGER CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER trg_before_emp_update BEFORE UPDATE OF JOB_EXPERIENCE, LAST_APPLIED_DATE on job_openings FOR EACH ROW DECLARE years_since_last_applied number(5); BEGIN years_since_last_applied := -1; IF(: NEW.


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Then insert two rows in this table and observe the inserted values in DB.