Trina dating young buck

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Trina dating young buck

The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride day performance. It seems that being bisexual is par for the course, if you are not bisexual, then there is something wrong with you.

I, personally can’t see all that swapping vagina for d$ck when I’m sure they aren’t using condoms.

The two snippets of the taped conversation that 50 initially leaked make for a truly squirmy, uncomfortable listen.

Buck starts out by promising that he’s incapable of making dis records about 50, whether or not 50 kicks him out of the group. I don’t want you to dismember me from the group, honestly, period.” And then: “I’m just tryna make you happy.” When he starts talking about that tax money, he gets increasingly frothy and upset.

50’s right; owing somebody money fucks you up and makes you say and do dumb things.

Buck freaked out in some interview and said that 50 actually owed him money, which understandably pissed 50 off, and so 50 eventually kicked Buck out of his group. But Buck cried, and that’s all anybody’s going to remember.

Responding to this, Young Buck offers “Lawd How Mercy,” where he has choice words for Lito.

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Money has broken up plenty of groups before, but I can’t think of any other situation in which we, the public, have been allowed to hear every last dispiriting step of those escalating problems.

Now, word on the street, the reality star is dating rapper Trina.

This is a relationship I never saw coming nor do I believe it. Something tells me this is a publicity stunt and we will see Trina as a love interest for Erica on the hit reality show.

Young Buck has shown he can make hits, because he found his success in the G-Unit era with a style of his own, and without the 50 Cent feature, “Shorty Wanna Ride,” being proof.

Twelve years have passed since Buck’s high water mark and now he and Starlito have beef.

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But, now she is supposedly with Erica Mena, we will see how long they last if they are in fact in a relationship.

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