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Dear Amy: You’ve been fielding entertaining responses from readers regarding chronic lateness. I had a guest show up at my house for dinner 30 minutes early. – No to Fledglings Dear No: I’m a chronic early bird and have spent many moments circling the neighborhood in my car, rather than arrive too early.

I believe that polite “on time” arrival equals 10 to 15 minutes after the stated start time.

Identical hairstyles, they do everything together, we have to live within a 5 minute radius of each other, they dress in the same style, and if one buys something then the other decides they like it and have to buy one as well. We bought a new light for over our dining room table; a while later I notice my SIL has a new light – the same one we bought. More of a running joke with my brother in law – we’re doing a kitchen reno right now so his wife started up about maybe they need to do one too. Probably not that different than most sister in laws TBH. The one I was dating cheated on me and the in-the-closet one consoled me, and we ended up sleeping together. He was definitely the gentler, sweeter twin, but we didn’t continue the relationship. She is completely different from my wife as a person and even though she looks the same there is zero physical attraction. Her sister is a good friend, but I’m not attracted to her at all. Just because they were identical at birth, doesn’t mean they have to be identical for life.

I’m married to an identical twin – and they are identical. Also she has a different smell than my wife, and I don’t like it. I (gay dude) dated a twin once, and his identical brother was in the closet at the time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with either of these things.I feel very lucky to have such a great relationship with him. When his twin says I have nothing to worry about, I know there isn’t. I finally overheard something and told my mom it was her twin. Then, when sitting down or whenever it is absolutely clear who is who, I find the twin looks nothing like my husband and I find him kind of unattractive. I have tons of funny stories because I lived with both of them for a little while. Also, you know that scene in Paranormal Activity where the wife stands by the bed staring at her husband for hours. As for my feelings toward her twin, she’s like a sister only. ) and doesn’t allow herself to be drunk around him. Her standard mode of search is to go to the shadiest country bars and/or house parties, get blackout drunk, and let the chips fall as they may.When they get angry, they kinda black out and call each other nasty stuff that makes no sense. I woke up once to my wife (then girlfriend) putting her rollerblades on at night while her sister was walking around the apartment with a stovetop like a tray and a wooden spoon. She is consistently unhappy with her work situation, to the point where she’s earning a comfortable base salary, lives where she works in a company home (all hers!We exchanged numbers, but I stopped answering his texts because I felt guilty, and didn’t want to hurt my boyfriend.I want to focus on my relationship with my boyfriend, but I don’t want to miss out on other opportunities with other men. Two signs that you are on different paths are: Your boyfriend is not ready to cohabit.

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For example, they will call each other ugly cows (They are 100% identical). ) With paid utilities, and is STILL griping about her job.