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Considering the goal of this study of investigating the effect of the particle shape on the stereological bias and on the stereological correction method described below, the abovementioned 3D structure plays a sufficient role.

The sectional information of the biphase particle assembly was calculated using the Monte Carlo method with solid angle calculations, as discussed later.

All of them provide more complex structure than the abovementioned method.

In general, these studies successfully predict the effect of the stereological bias on the liberation distribution of well-examined samples; however, a further systematic investigation is required to confirm their versatility.

Computational simulation is an effective tool in the systematic analysis of the stereological bias because it can accurately and rapidly simulate various patterns of the internal particle structure.

The irregularly shaped particles were modeled using a “geodesic grid,” which is a method to subdivide a sphere using polyhedrons.

First, a regular icosahedron inscribed in a sphere was computed (Fig.

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  1. However, more hypotheses await testing, and more possible sources of contamination need to be explored, so we will continue analyzing suitable fossils and their radiocarbon results as the Lord permits.