Updating automatic electric monophone dating game quotes

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Updating automatic electric monophone

This phone is ready to plug in and use with no additional wiring or adapters.Condition: All of the phones I sell are 100% original vintage phones.All phones are adapted for modular use, so all you have to do is plug the phone in and use it.Wall phones come with a modern modular back, ready to snap onto the wall.All plastics and Bakelite are buffed to a high shine.In the case of discolored phones, the parts are sent in for professional painting using the same materials and process the phone company used when refurbishing phones.

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Wood wall phones, which were produced from 1876 up through World War II, have lost much of their...

About this item: This phone is an original Automatic Electric model 80 desk telephone from the 1960's and 1970's.

This includes cleaning and lubricating dials, updating wiring, and full function testing before shipping.

Each phone gets a new handset cord and comes with a new line cord for plugging it into the wall.

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