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As I mentioned I have re-checked this code and simply can't find where I got it wrong. This page describes some of the most common ways to connect to your Compute Engine Linux instances and Compute Engine Windows instances.On the initial boot of a VM instance, if guest attributes are enabled, Compute Engine stores your generated host keys as guest attributes.Compute Engine then uses these host keys that were stored during the initial boot to verify all subsequent connections to the VM instance.A host key is a key pair that identifies a particular host or machine.When you connect to a remote host, the host key is used to verify that you are connecting to the intended machine.

On Click Listener login Listener = new On Click Listener() { public void on Click(View v) { //next line should start progress dialog in main thread ?????to connect to the Special Administrative Console (SAC) of your Windows instance.You can use the SAC to troubleshoot a Windows instance if you can't connect to it via Remote Desktop.Before you connect, make sure that one of the following prerequisites is met: If you have difficulties connecting using RDP, see the Troubleshooting RDP page.This section describes how to use the interactive serial console.

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For more ways to connect to your instances, see the following: command-line tool in the SDK, complete the steps in one of the following tabs: If these basic SSH options do not work for you, you might need to connect to instances using third-party tools or connect to instances that have no external IP addresses.

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