Updating old doors

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In the end, we decided to You have probably seen tutorials on how to DIY a shaker style cabinet door because I have and I used their tutorial to start my updates, like this one or this one.

But something that worried me about their tutorials was using 1/4″ plywood.

Let me give you the cost breakdown of this project without the paint.

RH: My last house call in the great state of Texas takes me to Longview where Laura Leaver has asked me to give her outdated interior doors a make over.

The example below was the piece I cut that had the biggest gap.), we filled in all the nail holes and the sides of the cabinet doors where the trim meets against the door, plus where the trim pieces meet on the front of the door.

If you want a better finish on the front of your doors, you will want to add filler to the door.

RH: All right, so you were thinking maybe of applying molding to these doors? RH: That’s a great idea because we can make these look like panel doors for a fraction of what it would cost to actually replace them. RH: So, why don’t we start by taking the down and taking them outside. Simple enough, if we choose the right molding and put it in the right place.

I was thinking I like the look of the panel doors and springboard a little more updated looking. The plan is to apply two rectangles of molding to the face of the door.

Laura has an entire house full of plain Jane doors. He had me SOLD, so I had him cut the 4’x8′ sheet of 1/4″ MDF, Before I could add the trim to the doors I needed to prep the doors so they were ready for paint.I decided to strip all the old paint off my cabinet doors because they were not painted very well before But if that is not your case here are some great tutorials on prepping cabinets to paint, from Young House Love and from Cherished Bliss.Next was applying caulk to the inside of the door where the new trim hits the door.See the white around the inside panel on this door this is where the caulk will be placed.

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And guess what, he had the same concerns I did about using plywood.

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