Updating pro evolution soccer 2016

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Obviously the game has a fixed UV map for this texture and each letter, however these exact UV maps are unknown.Therefore it is recommended to look at existing name textures and use those as base for your kit name textures.

This texture is a bit harder to explain so I advise you to look at existing kit masks in dt34.cpk\common\character0\model\character\uniform\texture and see what it does in the game.Several programs can save as DDS including but not limited to Photoshop (requires plugin), GIMP and There are online tools that will also convert textures to DDS, but make sure they have the right settings.The Tools section will contain links to almost every tool mentioned on this page.This section will explain what textures are needed for a complete and working kit and how they can be made.

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The second section will explain how to install these kits in PES16, including both the Kit Config Files and the Uni

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