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More specifically, the tasks queue up to use the server’s CPUs.

When one arrives at the top of the queue, it is scheduled to receive a certain amount of processing time.

We’ll describe how to use two common Linux utilities, are available as part of the default installation of most Linux distributions.

To take advantage of Digital Ocean features like Alert Policies, you’ll need a Digital Ocean Droplet with Monitoring enabled.

Sustained high CPU usage comes at the price of less responsive interactivity with the system.

It is often appropriate for computationally-intense applications and batch jobs to consistently run at or near full capacity.

The CPU load tells us about how much demand there is for CPU time.

High demand can lead to contention for CPU time and degraded performance.

Optimal CPU utilization varies depending on the kind of work the server is expected to do.CPU load is like having a single checkout line where customers wait for the next cashier to become available.Load is essentially a count of the number of people in line, including the ones at the cash registers. In contrast, CPU utilization is concerned only with how busy the cashiers are and has no idea how many customers are waiting in line.CPU Utilization, on the other hand, tells us how busy the CPUs are, without any awareness of how many processes are waiting.Monitoring utilization can show trends over time, highlight spikes, and help identify unwanted activity, On a single processor system, the total capacity is always 1.

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If it completes, then it exits; otherwise it returns to the end of the queue.