Vtp not updating vlans

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Vtp not updating vlans

Updates not received as expected - VTP domain and password must match.Missing VLANs - Configuration has been overwritten by another VTP device.When a VLAN is created, you can also give it certain attributes such as a VLAN name, VLAN type, and its operational state. Extended VLANs are currently supported only on switches running COS software version 6.1 or greater.

Here are some of the new additions to VTP version 3: I’ll walk you through each of those and show you how to configure VTP version 3.The maximum transmission unit (packet size, in bytes) that the VLAN can use; valid values are from 576 to 18190.The MTU can extend up to 1500 for Ethernet, but beyond for Token Ring or FDDI. NOTE Many other options are available during the VLAN configuration command; however, most of these deal with the configuration of FDDI and Token Ring VLANs.Many options are valid only for FDDI and Token Ring VLANs.Some of the items configured deal with options, such as private VLANs, which are discussed in other sections in this book.

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